A Life Changing Book

This book is not for those that wish to live in a fairy-tale like world that they create for themselves…it is for those who choose life in Jesus Christ instead of the death of sin and living according to the world’s desires. CBM ~ 10.0 out of 10.0+ stars

A Great Read! The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution by Anthony Marnell presents a book that is full of holiness and indignation at the same time. His book represents a two-fold manifesto of the revealing of the last 3 Trumpets (the last three woe’s) in the Book of Revelation and a call for repentance to all who do not follow Christ.

His first chapter “A Tale of Two Cities” speaks to those who are of the world (Babylon) and those who have been called out of the world, yet still exist in the world as followers of Christ. These two cities (or two groups of people) face choices that have consequences for eternity, but also in the near future. He further states that we are living in the Book of Revelation right now and that the Book of Revelation is not some time in the future but unfolding before our very eyes. With this in mind, his book offers somewhat of a discourse on the upcoming Christian revolution with exciting prophecy revealed as the 3 woe’s. An invitation is given as well to come into the Kingdom, to know Christ, to save yourself from the coming wrath of the Lord upon the entire Earth, so that you may be spared eternal damnation and the full wrath of God.

His book packs punch after punch! The author does not hold back in professing righteousness, calling evil for what it is and naming erroneous and egregious sins that have overtaken many, to include prevalence in our Western society. Issues such as gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, murder, fornication, adultery, atheism, along with the culture of violence, war and murder that is so commonplace, shedding light that God Almighty does not delight in any of these abominations. Further mentioning idols such as entertainment and media, the love of money, selfish pride, celebrity fanfare and glory, only to reveal the rightful place of women and men among society paints a grim picture of today’s society. Yet, there is hope; that hope is found in the forgiveness of sins through salvation a proclamation of Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. Hope is found in following Jesus, choosing faith and learning to endure to the end. He gives strategies, scripture verses and instruction on becoming strong in faith and knowledge so that one will be able to stand until the end and persevere. He gives strong warnings that the faint at heart will not survive.

This book represents a wake-up call to all (including Christians and the complacent) who are of this world to make a choice: Are you for Jesus or against Him? He exhorts all to take a stand now for Christ and speaks of the times we are living in to be the End Times and that the great End Time Harvest is soon to come with the Great Tribulation. He calls all to make a choice for their own eternity and implores all who don’t believe or who are in sin to repent.

Yet, he ends his discourse with an end of speaking to those who will not give their hearts to Jesus fully and shifts his attention to the Bride of Christ, to encourage, refine, teach and to prepare them for what is coming up ahead.

The author does not wish to entertain readers but to prepare, educate and save them spiritually so they can escape what is to come upon the entire Earth. 

You may get your copy of The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution at Amazon and in Kindle as a download. For additional information about the author, his book and some great ministry, visit Woe, Woe, Woe.

What Do The Scripture Actually Say Christianity Is

Highly Recommended - Doomed Christianity & The Unshakable Life Line: Grace is Not Undeserved Favor, But … refers to a book written to expose the difference between what has become modern-day Christianity with what the Scripture says Christianity actually is.

Christianity today has become what can God do for me, instead of what I am to do for God. Pursuing godly purposes has now been intertwined with the pursuit of wealth, security and a way to eternal life that the Scriptures do not preach.

Dr. Danson Ubebe refers to the first century Christians that only preached Christ crucified and recognized Jesus as the Shepherd who came to fulfill the Prophets and the Law. 

Somehow, Old Testament and New Testament teachings have now been woven together such as, “the chair of Moses, tithing, fasting from abstinence from food, and other traditions of the Law,” per the author. In this book, the author presents Scripture’s perspective vs. man’s perspective, offering the truth vs. a variation of truth. 

Dr. Danson E. Ubebe asks readers to choose for themselves after reading Scripture, as referred to in Deuteronomy 30:19, “…therefore, choose life, that both you and your descendants may live,” asking a poignant question, what is the truth? Therefore, readers can delve into this book to find truth, read the Bible for themselves and discover the teachings on eternal life, salvation and the way of truth.

Readers might ask themselves, what is the way of truth? As the author points out, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way of truth. One would have to read what the Bible speaks on these matters to become more Christ-like and as such, the author provides a format for the building of Christ-like character that includes “holiness”. 

Specifically mentioning the role of the Holy Spirit as “the anointing,” the author concisely takes the readers through Biblical discourse back to the beginning of creation, Adam and Eve, the Fall of man, and God’s purpose for creating man, helping readers understand the brevity of the matter and the inerrant spoken Word of God as eternal. All want eternal life, but there is only one way, as the Scriptures will prove what is acceptable according to Scripture versus man’s opinion.

As noted, the role of the Holy Spirit to interpret Scripture and lack of knowledge of Scripture has left a void, even a vacuum that some may explain as a giant pit, and a dark hole which from there is no return.

Within this book, he urges all to become a “student” of the Word and to look into the Bible for themselves to find truth. His teachings are Biblically sound and this book tells the truth that today’s Christian preachers, pastors and those who teach the Bible have made Christianity a huge platform for their own enterprise. 

(This attitude does not pertain to every person preaching, but involves a large share of those that might use His Gospel for their own profit.) This is not what Jesus preached in His Gospel and not what He intended. The Gospel is not a get rich scheme.

This book comes highly recommended for those willing to search deeper and wider to find true understanding  of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. A great read for all Christians, whether new or mature alike, as it contains solid Biblical teaching, not derived from man’s opinion, but offers a Biblical foundation from Scripture.

A highly recommended read for all that are searching for truth! A CBM Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 / You may get your copy of Doomed Christianity & The Unshakable Lifeline at Amazon.

Christian Fiction Novel

Highly recommended for those that like Christian fiction novels that give hope, light and peace in choosing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. And for all those warriors and military buffs out there…you’ll love this book! CBM Christian Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

The Sword of Solomon by Nick Gasaway is an explorative piece relating the story of King David and his son, Solomon in the Bible through a presentation of a “modern-day depiction of good vs. evil.” Fast-paced and imaginative, the question that comes forth from the book is one of choice…will you accept Jesus or reject Him?

First following a Biblical parallel from King David and Solomon, these modern-day characters highlight Solomon, the world’s first trillionaire. Blessed with incredible wisdom and ingenuity, riches and corporate know-how, Solomon is led to focusing on his father’s (David’s) journal. Solomon’s reflection, admiration and perspective of his father give life to David’s accomplishments before he died. Looking back, Solomon vows to keep track of all who helped his father David (just as the King David honored Jonathan’s descendants in Scripture).

With a woven tapestry of descriptive imagery, readers from the beginning are given a glimpse of the immensity of not only Solomon’s wealth and prestige, but his deep desire for the things of God, including his integrity as his father’s son. Much like, what we see in the Bible coming from King David and Solomon (who asked for only wisdom, yet was granted wisdom and riches by the Lord). Solomon is a wise man dedicated to the fulfilling the Lord’s purpose for him.

His father, David, was a military hero, his sword that hung steadfastly on the wall in Solomon’s study, lends to incredible significance, but also as a memorial to his father, David. Intriguing sub-plots of a DNA activated crystal, including End Time scenarios of a one world government, leading to a global economic breakdown leading to a global economy under a global leader sheds light into possible End Time scenarios that gain strength in the end of the book. Inclusion of inspiring and profound scripture verses, memorable sayings garnered from such famous individuals such as: Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, George S. Patton, also create a vividly clear picture that shares a fascinating and progressive story.

Notably, this book was written to impact others in a profound way…and asks, “Are you ready? Prepare for I am coming soon.” This was spoken to the author, coupled with a dream, gave him the inspiration to writing this book..

Be sure to also see the sequel The Chosen (The Sword of Solomon Book 2) ...

You may get your copy of The Sword of Solomon at Amazon, in Kindle as a download or at Barnes and Noble.

Christian Author Gail Baker

Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers

When Baker yearns for something more, she discovers that the Christian message answers the deep yearning within each of us to resolve human suffering. Baker’s conversion is not a blinding-light epiphany, but a process spanning years of agonizing conflict, echoing twenty centuries of misunderstanding between Christians and Jews. Living in the same city as her chagrined parents, she is forced to process difficulties related to family dynamics, group loyalty, and identity politics. Readers will be emboldened by Baker’s decision to follow Christ at the risk of rupturing ties with family and community. Her book will appeal to all who seek God’s guidance in making difficult life decisions.  This book is a must-read for Christians who wish to engage with their Jewish friends. The Jewish mindset is tenderly revealed, showing why so many Jews bristle at the mere mention of Jesus.

Children's Author Shirley JoAnn Taylor

Authors for Christ presents Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) by Shirley JoAnn Taylor. A delightful children’s book telling an amazing true story of a daycare in the southeast area of Washington DC that received a special gift in the form of a dove from Abba, Father God. 

With colorful digital imagery and developed for young children from ages 2 to 5-years-old,  the author as founder of Dard’s Parkland Daycare Center, gives the account of Abba’s Sanctuary that became a safe haven for children and Abba’s creatures alike.

During one normal day at the program, the director of the daycare (and author of the book) received a special gift in the form of a special dove. This dove became known as “Peace” representing symbolically the Holy Spirit that resides upon and in each one of us. Book One describes how God sent them the dove as a special gift. Peace was unique in the way she interacted with the director and the school. 

Young children will come alive with wonder and awe learning of God’s creation and of the peaceful way the dove interacted each day at the school. Peace soon became the children’s and director’s favorite school pet.

Yet, there were more doves to be added to the story. Come and see what happens. The author relates to readers that the Lord indeed sent a dove to relate to His children His peace, prosperity and love to all.  With scripture verses, the author delights in the sharing of Jesus, His peace and His blessing to her through the dove that came to Abba’s Sanctuary.

Christian parents will be able to use this book to teach their children about Abba, Father God, His creation and His love for all of His creatures. Abba’s Sanctuary can also be utilized to teach little ones about the Holy Sprit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ peace from the Holy Spirit.

A highly recommended read that children and parents alike will enjoy! 

Title: Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One)
By: AKSMC, Shirley JoAnn Taylor
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

A must read children’s book ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Get your copy of Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) at Amazon of in Kindle as a download.

The Beginning, Stolen Innocence, Building Blocks, Love Changes Things

Christian Author Tronell Walker writes her life memoir to encourage all to look to the Lord to find purpose in their own journey of life. Tronell’s childhood started out as any normal kid. She was full of life and joy; yet, seeds were sown into her life that created issues, tempted her with sin, coupled with childhood abuse, that led her down the wrong path. Her journey is one that speaks of unspoken words, thoughts, intentions and the distractions throughout her life that led to wrong choices and destructive paths. 

Her book culminates in the fact that God was always watching over her, and eventually, He led her to walk out of the shadows, until she found light in Him. She wants others to know the joys of living a new life in Christ, giving her own testimony as a testament to that.

Describing the high’s, the low’s, the family pressure, her low self-esteem, Tronell grew up in the 70’s in a large family in Destrehan, Louisiana. As time passed, she was like any other kid that had hopes, dreams and talents that were slowly stolen, replaced by a life of sin leading her astray. With such chapters as: The Beginning, Stolen Innocence, Building Blocks, Love Changes Things, Blessings in Disguise, A Mother’s Love, Struggles, Shape Shifter, Rebirth, Purpose, Enjoying the Walk & The Conclusion: Perfectly Flawed, she displays to readers that it’s never too late!

Readers will be able to relate to growing up in this era, along with plenty of humor, respect for love of family and memorable sayings, coupled with words of inspiration, encouragement, Scripture and wisdom that make this a memorable book.

Book Title: Words Unspoken
Author: Tronell Walker
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

This book comes highly recommended to those searching for purpose and peace and serves as an inspirational book for those (especially single parents), to seek God and live with a purpose. 

You may order your copy of Words Unspoken at Amazon.

Created Equal

Galatians 3:28 (NKJV) 

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 
Have you ever felt you were treated less than equal because of not having the proper upbringing up, schooling, appearance, or speech? Society has a way of separating us into different groups. To be accepted in today's society, you have to have all the right credentials.
 I was born in South Texas. I remember going into a department store when I was young where there were two drinking fountains, one marked for whites only and the other marked for colored only. The restrooms were the same way. I didn't understand it at that time. Like everybody else, I just lived with it. I never met a black person until the age of eleven and we lived in different parts of town.
 I remember one particular incident to this day. I was walking with some friends in downtown Houston. We were walking on the sidewalk when this black person came around the corner. We were about ready to move out of the way, when he stepped off the sidewalk and into the street to avoid us. I learned later that he was considered a lower class citizen and he was expected to make a way for us.
 In 1955, I received an invitation from my older brother to visit him in California. He had lived in California since his discharge from the Air Force after serving in Korea. My brother sent me a bus ticket so I could travel from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California. As the bus made its way to California, it made several stops.
 In Arizona I was surprised to see that a black person got on board, and instead of going to the back of the bus, which is what I was accustomed to, he sat next to me. I didn't know how to act. I had never been close to a black man before. He broke the ice and started to tell me he was going home, and that he was from Oakland, California. I got to know him, and that changed my whole outlook on black people. I know now what is meant by the old expression "walk a mile in my shoes and you will know me" I really enjoyed his company and our conversation made the long trip easier to bear.
 We are all created equal in the eyes of God. He doesn't see any color or achievements that would get us closer to Him. Jesus paid the price for us to be all one family with God our Father. We all start at the same place when we enter the Kingdom of God.
 Most everybody has heard about or even played the game Monopoly. In the start of the game each player is given the same amount of money. The object of the game is to buy as much property as possible with the money given and to bankrupt your opponent by requiring them to pay rent when they land on your properties. You get rich quick, especially if you have houses and hotels on them. It's the same when we start out in life. In the movie Forrest Gump, he makes a statement “life is like a box of candy you never know what you going to get” Basically, that is "life is what you make of it". We can excel in education and go forward, or we can just let life go by mindlessly.
 Jesus used parables to teach his listeners about the Kingdom of God. What is a parable? A parable is a story that conveys a moral truth. Parables tell a story, not about something recurrent in real life, but about a one-time event which is fictitious. They derive their persuasiveness from being told in a simple, vivid, and fresh way which engages the hearer.
 In the parable of the worker in the vineyard for example, this parable basically means there is no seniority with God and that we are all equal. (Matthew 20: 1-16) The master of the field hired some day laborers in the morning and set the amount of pay. In the middle of the afternoon he went out and hired new labors and offered to pay them the same as the ones who were hired earlier. In the latter part of the afternoon, he went out to hire some more laborers to work in his field. That evening he paid off his workers and he paid them all the same. The morning’s laborers were upset because the late workers received the same amount of money as they did.The laborers who worked all day complained to the master because he paid the afternoon laborers the same wage. And they had worked all day. It doesn’t matter at what age we became Christians, we are all going to be rewarded equally according to our faithfulness.
    Many Christians have the attitude "People in my church should do things my way because I've been here longer." No person should feel "there's no point in becoming a Christian now. I've lived such a terrible life that even if I became a Christian, I would get little or no reward." God doesn't care how long you didn't follow Him. His care is when your life on earth ends, were you a follower of Christ or not?
 We are all in the same position in Christ. We made the choice to follow Christ because God allows us the freedom to choose. We were not forced to serve God, so why do we act as if we are? God is our master because we chose to be slaves to him. The position we hold in the
 church should not matter; the only thing we should be worried about is are we serving God to the best of our potential. If you were 10 years old or 80 years old when you accepted Christ as your Savior, you are only at the beginning, because you were reborn in the spirit, you
 received a new birth.
 Give no thought of what time you have left in your lives to serve Christ. Only God knows that. Just do what God has for you to do. The reward is eternal life with our Master. Take the ants, for example. They live in a colony and each has a single purpose in life and that is to serve the colony. They have worker ants and army ants and ants that serve the queen. They don't look at their co-workers to see who is working harder or who is working slowly, they just perform their duty to the best of their ability.
 No matter what position we hold, it leads to the same reward: eternal life with God. We are not like the ants who don't have a free will to make decisions. Remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and do not concern yourself with what others are doing or not doing. Just continue to serve God in the area He has selected for you.

Romans 2:11 (NKJV) 
For there is no partiality with God.

New Book Release - The Transcendent Signet of God

Authors for Christ presents a wonderful must read book. The Transcendent Signet of God: A Proposal Made in Time to Last an Eternity by Lawrence Pillay

Written to answer a question the author received in a Bible study group, The Transcendent Signet of God: A Proposal Made in Time to Last an Eternity by Lawrence Pillay takes a closer look at God Himself and Agape love as set forth before time itself.  The question asked was, “Why did God place the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve and then give them such a harsh punishment, and why did all of mankind since then also have to pay in a manner that we ourselves, as mere men, would not impose for something seemingly quite innocent when we as people compare that act to the severity of sin today?” Reviewing the warnings given by Jesus to the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation, the author administers to the Church to also come back to agape love as mentioned in Scripture.

While also considering the “whole counsel of God” the author takes readers on a logical trail of thought, discovery, revealing the incredible story of mankind, the author sheds light on many facets of God’s love for mankind, answering the many questions one might have. Simple in nature, yet profound, the author relates that humanity may not be interested in abounding theologies of religion and the like, but that all of mankind seeks one thing: Love. With that in mind, Pillay defines “Agape love” coupled with excellent Biblical teaching that assists readers in understanding God’s nature, intent, and love with an intertwining of Scripture that paints a beautiful picture of God’s love for all.  This pure love-based interest in us as humans, as His creation, is what defines us, and what brings true identity and a deep understanding of the love of God that brings solid understanding of the freedom offered in the love of God.

Tackling such subjects as truth, the Free Will, the Law, Sin, Forgiveness, Agape in Man, the Work of the Holy Spirit, Pain and Suffering, The Kingdom of Agape, the author lays a Biblical foundation built on truth from the Word of God that is profound teaching with insights set forth to help readers comprehend the “why” of such things as the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit, free choice, freedom, with the resounding theme that “God is LOVE”. Further defining of the deep meaning of “Agape” love brings an important piece to the puzzle, as the author continues to set forth answers. Concluding with “Discipline on Earth means rewards in Heaven” brings encouragement, understanding and hope for life on Earth and life beyond into Eternity.

This is truly an incredible and introspective read and will give those who believe in God, and those who “believe not” in God, a true perspective of the God of love – not of religion or a set of laws, commandments and rituals. The author makes it known to readers that you are loved from the beginning of time, into Eternity and the Father desires you to come home.

This is a highly recommended read to bring fresh hope and perspective into dying hearts, lives, relationships, ministries and purposes that will reignite the fire of God’s love for YOU - while giving deep-insight into the love of God. A CBM Christian Book Review - 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Order your copy of The Transcendent Signet of God at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Get Your Copy of Blowing Sandstorm

Horace Crenshaw Jr's, Blowing Sandstorm describes his life-story leading up to his deployment in 2003 during Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF). Beginning from his childhood upbringing in Butler, Alabama, describing his youth as a young African American boy during the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Coming from a Christian upbringing by a Christian mother, he covers his schooling, football to college, as his autobiography leads up to an adventure of a lifetime in the Army Reserves Active Army Reserve (AGR). His aim in writing this book is to,  “… make the average person understand the hardships and challenges that the military’s junior executives or company commanders face in modern day operations and warfare.” His goal is accomplished within this vibrant account, mixed with faith and endurance that were developed in him, giving hope to others in the military and beyond.

Inner-workings of a military officer (Officer Commander) during deployment are revealed that include: Tactical techniques and itineraries that relate operations-based protocol, concepts, and leadership before military advances begin and end. The high integrity of soldiers, commanders and officers reveal a highly organized unit that our military operates within. For the average non-military personnel (as myself) I found it interesting and amazing.

Obviously, a military person would be perhaps more interested in the author’s biography, but for one not in the military this comes as a highly recommended read also as to understand the inner-workings of the military and what soldiers have had to endure during certain past years of deployment to Iraq. The author personally experiences a time that has since passed as things have calmed down since 2001 to say the least. One will also become familiar with certain protocols and models used for leadership and action within a unit. Of particular interest is the technical, but relevant, “Rocket Model” which spearheaded Crenshaw’s leadership of his unit.

Leadership Through Mentorship is a particularly interesting chapter giving a summary of the life he lives and serves well as a outline to live life by. Other well-rounded chapters lend to the author’s experience as a Commander in the Armed Forces such as: Personal Background, Years After the Tuskagee Experience, The Staff Professional, Staring Out as New Commander, Building the Team Using the Rocket Model, Preparing the Unit for War, Leadership Through Mentorship, & Conclusion.

Readers will also appreciate the intertwining of Scripture, morale boosters for soldiers that kept him and his unit going, as one will truly come to appreciate anew the sacrifices made by our military. Faced with over 130 degree heat during the day, and 110 degree nights in Iraq with pesky mosquitoes and sand mites, shortages of water, pre-made ready to eat meals (MRE’S) & no toilet facilities, one will gain a new perspective and respect for those who defend our country.

In the end, he adds pictures of Iraq and himself on duty. I personally welled up in tears at the man in uniform who would put his life on the line for me and our country. You will feel the same. I did get concerned when he expressed the lack that the military faced and a “take from Peter to pay Paul” type situation and realized that military expense and suffering of our soldiers is something not to be taken lightly but that should be put as a priority in all our lives. May our government fund our military as they should is my thoughts and maybe yours too. All in all this book did stir great patriotism and was a much-appreciated breakdown of one’s life in the military.

This is a memorable well-written account of a life used unto the glory of God and a highly recommended read for those that may be in the military and would like inspiration during times of trial.

Three Great Christian Books Filled With Blessings

The Message & the Messenger: A Guide to Basic Sermon Preparation & Ministry Protocol

Dr. Tony V. Lewis, President of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary offers practical, scholarly, academic and practical preparation in sermon preparation, but greater than that, this book sheds his insight from a pastoral perspective on the preaching and teaching ministry call. This may be the only book you will need on this subject, covering a clear guide and roadmap to service from the pulpit to the masses. Dr. Lewis writes, “The call to ministry and to preaching is also a call to preparation and a call to study.”

A must-read for all who have been called to preach!

Word Potential: Essays on the Faculty of Spoken Words

Dr. Tony V. Lewis as a pastor, preacher and founder of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary speaks “life” of the Word of God into readers’ lives! Giving a transparent, yet thought-provoking and challenging premise derived from the Word of God, as speaking spirits, we are called to “speak” not “talk”. Those who talk only consume, but those who speak create by the very Word of God. This is one of those books EVERY Christian should know, learn and have in their arsenal to share with others. 


The Wife He Wants - What a Godly Man Seeks in a Wife

Dr. Tony V. Lewis writes on the subject of returning a relationship into the loving resource it was meant to be. This not a one-sided male chauvinistic view on what a woman should be without any accountability from the male counterpart of the relationship. In his pivotal, yet practical and biblical viewpoint, the author gives insight, tips, guidelines into sharing meaningful relationships and restoring balance so that both sides to end in a compliment to each other. This book will bring understanding to 7 things of what a godly man should desire in a wife, while setting the bar for behavior, attitudes and actions on both parties from a firm godly perspective.

A must-read for godly men desiring a godly wife. For women this book might be designed to understand your ideal mate and/or husband. For couples, this book might enhance and give practical insight into your relationship that can promulgate change for the better.

For more information about the author, his books and some wonderful ministry, visit TVLewis Books.

The Mission - Rescue A Fellows Classmate

The God Squad invites you to come along with them in this exciting and sometimes mysterious mission. Angel is assigned as leader in this episode. Their mission: rescue a fellow classmate being targeted by bullies and help make Carver Preparatory a safe place for all students. 

However, before the God Squad can help Taylor, the mission quickly unravels and takes a dramatic turn when after meeting with the God Squad, Taylor ends up in the hospital due to a suspicious accident. 

Angel finds herself overtaken with doubting her abilities to lead the mission and battling the giants in her dreams. She ends up at odds with the other members of the God Squad and questions if she should continue in the group. 

Just when all seems lost, Angel has an encounter with a mysterious stranger and is introduced to the “just in case clause.” But, is it enough to get the mission back on track and defeat the giants overtaking Carver Preparatory?

A Must Read for Teen Girls

Author Darlene Laney

The God Squad Episodes are an upcoming series to watch!  As a parent, I would highly recommend this book to young middle school and high school girls. What a blessing to have a positive Christian perspective applied to the issue of bullying that plague our schools in many different ways! ~ CBM

10.0 out of 10.0 stars

God Squad Mission Him-Possible II: The Giant Slayers by Darlene Laney depicts a group of high school age girls at Carver Preparatory Academy. Carver Prep is a prestigious school, yet there are some serious issues within the school that the God Squad addresses. The God Squad is a group of young girls led by Ms. Foster, their school-site advocate, in a program called the Peer Mentor Program. This program is geared to help encourage students in all aspects of school life through a peer mentorship. The God Squad girls are all peer mentors and they are sent to help Taylor.

Taylor is a normal girl who encounters a series of bullying that ends climatically, as the bullying turns into a violent assault upon Taylor. With the God Squad, they help mentor Taylor through it all, meanwhile addressing the issues of bullying. Bringing a Christian perspective into the mix, the girls seek a proactive approach, offering solutions to mend the school. Vibrant, filled with witty dialogue, readers will be kept glued to the pages with the interaction of the characters throughout the book. The author also presents some of the basics of the Christian faith and spiritual warfare, namely “Prayer Power” as the girls call it, while teaching essentials of the armor of God.

This book comes as a highly recommended and unique work for tweens, teens, students, teachers and parents addressing the issue of bullying, offering solutions and a godly way of handling trials. Coupled with a Christian perspective on prayer, spiritual warfare, each student learns the importance of being a team player, treating others with respect and adhering to godly ways, in which prayer and honor are the first and foremost within the God Squad ethic.

Wonderfully inspiring, with well-developed characters that the author has created brings to life the principle of becoming “Giant Slayers” in God.

You may get your copy of God Squad Mission Him-Possible II: The Giant Slayers at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.